Hi Mamas,


It’s been awesome seeing your babies grow and develop over the several months we’ve been open. I love that we’re such a friendly supportive group and I hope you’re all enjoying coming to class


If you have any friends you think would greatly benefit from babywearing, be sure to tell them about our babywearing consulting service. If they book in for a private session, you get a free kangatraining class.

In a private babywearing consultation, you will be able to try out different wraps and carriers to learn what is the most suitable babywearing option available to you. This is especially great for parents with newborns and can make for a great baby shower gift.

The baby shops in Australia stock very few carrier brands, there are so many more sensational carriers available on the market, but are just not as well marketed here in Australia. I have a great stash of optimal and super comfy carriers for clients to try out.

There are numerous benefits to you and your baby from babywearing beyond having your hands free:

  1. *Allows your baby to take part in everyday life

  2. *Aids physical development

  3. *Promotes sleeping

  4. *Gives your baby the feeling of security

  5. *Stimulates all senses

  6. *Improves communication and understanding

  7. *Deepens your bond

  8. *Strengthens your core and back muscles

  9. *Reduces and prevents postnatal depression

  10. *Eases symptoms of colic and reflux

  11. *Aids digestion

Let’s Kanga!!!!