Babywearing is a convenient parenting tool allowing you to be hands free as you go about your day, whilst still keeping your precious little one right next to you. It is particularly useful for parents with multiple children, allowing you the opportunity to have your baby with you whilst you play and interact with your older child.

Babies that are worn; cry less, sleep more and settle quicker, it can be especially useful for babies with reflux or colic.

Babywearing costs less than prams/strollers and allows you to navigate the shops more easily than lugging a big pram around the narrow aisles. It is also amazingly useful in busy/crowded situations like airports, festivals and markets.

Babywearing promotes the physical development of your baby, they get to hear, see, feel and smell everything at the wearers height. It allows your baby to experience the feeling of walking, bending, reaching long helping to stimulate their vestibular system and develop muscle tone and control.

As babies should be worn “close enough to kiss”, this allows you to interact with your baby and become attuned to their expressions and cues, encouraging bonding.

There is no limit to the amount of time a child can be worn on a daily basis or a set age where children should no longer be worn. This is completely dependent on the comfort of both parent and child and your particular circumstances. Many children enjoy being worn well past toddlerhood for the emotional comfort of being with their parent. However, babywearing does allow you to carry your baby longer than you could in your arms.

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